Applied Myoskeletal Therapy

Applied Myoskeletal Therapy is a gentle and effective therapy for the treatment of Musculoskeletal and Neural pain. Leading the way in modern, natural, pain and injury relief and prevention.


Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy is an Australian healing modality now practiced and taught throughout the world. It is suitable for all ages from the new born to the elderly.



Long Term Back & Neck pain/ 3 months of Numbness of left arm & fingers

To whom it may concern - 15 September 2009

Since having a workplace accident in 2000 and subsequently suffering long term back pain and neck displacement as well as other underlying factors, I have finally found someone who can relieve a lot of the symptoms, albeit not permanently but it certainly has stopped me from being dependent on chemical pain relief such as Panadeine Forte and any other strong pain killers.

Only just recently I was suffering total numbness in my left arm and fingers. My GP instructed me to undertake an extensive course of physiotherapy, stating that I should expect to have to endure long term treatment to resolve my condition! I found this quite disturbing as I do not have the means to get there or the financial side of the long term therapy or bus fares to warrant this action.

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However, since discovering Bowen Therapy and Mr John Garfield through a mutual friend two years ago, who suffers almost as much as I do, I can honestly say NO other treatment has been as responsive as John's technique. I have not seen the physiotherapist, nor shall I need to. John understands every aspect of the human anatomy and his professionalism in these areas is astounding. I do not see anyone else other than John for my ailments (except my own GP).

Initially I was sceptical about new types of drug free pain relief as I had experienced it for so long, although it did take several treatments to take effect I have no doubt John's treatment has abated my pain tremendously. I don't need to wish luck with John in his business as he has a healing gift that comes from within and once you have experienced his healing hands I am sure you will agree that after just a few sessions, you too can become pain tolerant like me.

If you need to contact me to verify my testimonial you can ask Mr John Garfield for my phone number.

P.S. I reside in Brisbane and yes, I do travel to Burleigh just to see John.

Andrew Mackay

Torn Rotator Cuff – Booked in to have surgery

John V.Allen

Sanctuary Cove Qld 4212

John Garfield
Burleigh Natural Therapies
Grander Bldg
1863 Gold Coast Highway
Burleigh Heads

March 14 2008

Dear John

For your clients let me first recap why I came to visit you. I had what seemed to be a torn rotator cuff and for some time could not lift my right arm to a position below horizontal.

I visited our GP and followed that with all the normal analysis, xrays, scans etc ect. This was followed by a referral to a leading "shoulder specialist" who confirmed the daignosis and suggested that I was a candidate for immediate surgery. I chose a one-time injection to see if that might delay the surgery but to not avail. The specialist set a return date three months forward, an appointment I did keep.

It was at this juncture that I met one of your "patients" who described how you had "fixed" his knees. With nothing to lose I made and appointment with you and after the first session had incredible relief. You had, from the outset, stated that it should take a minimum of three sessions to show improvement. (John’s comment- If I was able to help the condition). In my case it was the first session but as I was actually reluctant to accept at first that the benefit could be so incredibly good, I kept the three appointments with you and I must say that the results were so spectacular that I went on to win two Club championships at golf that year without pain. Whilst it may not be necessary and of my own volition, i come back for a "body tune up", about every three months.

My wife and I have recommended many people to you and with few exceptions the story is the same. We are of the view that you are an exceptional talent and that the Garfield Therapy DOES work.


John V.Allen

15 years of Lower Back Pain and Work related Injuries

I have been going to John Garfield’s Bowen Therapy Clinic for about 6 years now for various injuries.

The first thing I would point out is that the results are more than worth the money spent. There has not been a time when I have not benefited from Bowen Therapy.

The first time I saw John it was to help with an old weight training injury. I had some pain in my lower back consistently for 15 years. After only two visits and some stretches which John recommended I had fully recovered. I have not had any lower back pain for more than 6 years now. I do a physical job with my arms above my head for long periods of time. I get strained shoulder muscles and could possibly have had to have surgery by now but with John’s therapy I get relief after only one or two visits.

John’s therapy works quicker rather than over a long drawn out period. If you make regular visits then John can help you remain injury free and balanced. I recommend John as an honest skilled muscle therapist.

Danny Paxton
Managing Director
Aussie Six Pack

100 KM/week runner gets relief from Sciatic Pain and other sporting injuries.

I enthusiastically recommend John Garfield for any and all physical pain for which you need relief.

I stumbled upon John’s clinic quite by accident and I am so thankful that I found him!

I had been in severe pain in my lower back region due to sciatica strain. I had seen physiotherapists and massage therapists who had tried to give me relief. I also had been stretching and treating the injury at home with some slight results. I saw John for Bowen Therapy twice and had complete relief with no need for any follow up.

I am also a recreational runner. I run approximately 100 km per week. At times I can get strains from over training and other things. Now I go straight to John whenever I have any sort of muscular pain or injury. I have recently started making regular appointments to stay balanced and attend to any strain or misalignment early, before it becomes an injury.

Thank you John for always going the extra mile to get me back to full strength.

Jenni Paxton